By utilizing Google Cloud's infrastructure to run SAP applications you can provide your business high-performance computing capabilities, scalability, and security features to ensure that your SAP ERP runs efficiently and securely.

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Abacus' Google Cloud Services for SAP Modernization

Abacus Cambridge Partners leverages Google Cloud to help enterprises transform their business infrastructure and undergo successful cloud migration and modernization. Our dedicated team of Google Cloud experts delivers tailored solutions to your unique business needs, ensuring seamless digital transformation by simplifying the complex structures of the cloud system.

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Running SAP applications on Google Cloud

This solution enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud's infrastructure for efficient and secure SAP workloads.

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Running SAP HANA on Google Cloud

Organizations can utilize Google Cloud's in-memory database management system for real-time analytics and advanced data processing.

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Anthos for SAP

Google Cloud's hybrid and multi-cloud platform can be used to modernize SAP landscapes, providing a consistent and secure experience across on-premises and cloud environments.

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Leveraging Google Cloud's AI and ML capabilities

AI and ML can help optimize and improve SAP processes, automating repetitive tasks, detecting anomalies, and making predictions based on historical data.