In today's data-driven world, businesses cannot afford to ignore the power of Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI). These tools can provide a competitive edge by unlocking valuable insights from data, improving decision-making, increasing operational efficiency, and identifying new growth opportunities. By leveraging both BI and Advanced Analytics, businesses can make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

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Key Solutions for your Advance Analytics and Business Intelligence

Integrate our credible knowledge with the most robust BI and smart analytics tools in the world to make insightful, data-driven decisions and elevate your business.

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A serverless data warehouse fully managed by Abacus Cambridge Partners that enables downtime-free upgrades and maintenance, and effortless scaling. Analyze petabytes of data at high velocity and with zero operational overhead. Enhance organizational agility and provide time-sensitive, high-value insights in minimal time with maximal security.

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Empower your business with a versatile business intelligence solution that simplifies data description and metric definition, enabling all teams to explore and visualize data insights.

Big Query

Why BigQuery?

  • Fully managed and serverless for max agility and scale
  • Fast, in-memory BI Engine - rapid reporting and analysis
  • Gigabyte to petabyte-scale storage and SQL queries
  • Encrypted, resilient, and readily accessible.

Why Looker?

  • LookML which standardizes enterprise-wide data & metrics
  • 100% in-database, no restriction or loading delay
  • Multi-cloud, multi-database access, supporting any data framework
  • Replicable & reusable for given parameters to extract insights

Abacus for your Advance Analytics and BI

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Data Migration Advisory

Root cause analysis of gaps within current infrastructural framework. Advice on incorporation of tools to optimize data management structure.

Data Modernization Advisory

Evaluate options to enhance current data infrastructure. Explore streamlining strategies. Monitor & secure data against theft & establish recovery mechanisms.

Customized Smart Analytics & BI Strategies

Develop pipelines to consolidate data in real time from source to target repositories. Determine most effective Data Visualization Tools to extract insights.

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Database Migration

Convert your vision into an Actionable Data Platform with our extensive technical experience in developing solutions on GCP

Data Warehouse

Maximize data processing by migrating or constructing data repositories on top of scalable, fully managed, data warehouses e.g., BigQuery or BigQuery Omni (multi-cloud).

BI Dashboards & Visualizations

Incorporate interactive dashboards & reports to assess KPIs from your data. Provide specialized help to maximize usage of BI & Visualization tool, Looker.

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Data Environment Assessments

Assess & manage security architecture, database server-level configurations, and encryption-related, RPO/RTO, availability, redundancy & other diagnostic data requirements.

24/7 Support Services

Expert Data Specialists available to provide customized input based on your app use case. Proactive maintenance, repair of issues, consulting, or hands-on support available.

Governance & Reporting

Insight into your data management environment via regular analytics and dashboard visualization. Regular review sessions to facilitate improvements and address gaps.

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Smart Analytics

Assistance in ingesting, processing, and analyzing real-time event streams, enabling impactful decision-making based on high-value, time-sensitive insights.

Machine Learning Enablement

Our ML Specialists create recommendation engines for you, letting your data drive your strategy. Provide custom-built models for analyzing time-to-market, churn rates, consumer payment patterns etc.

Architecture & Cost

Optimizations Ensure optimization of your architecture & cloud data spending. Create a billing roadmap based on business growth & budget requirements.


Abacus Cambridge Partners can help you master the art of utilizing real-time data streams. Solve business-critical challenges, enhance the customer experience, and meet your organizational goals. With 35+ years of industry expertise and dedicated GCP-certified specialists, we promise impactful, scalable, and quantifiable results.