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Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services

Information Technology landscape today is more complex than ever before. The cost to maintain the infrastructure in an ever-rising pattern, making it more difficult for enterprises to manage the growing needs. Abacus’s Application Managed Services offer a wide range of Information Technology and related functions necessary for day-to-day enterprise operations. Our experts help you efficiently perform all critical tasks so you can achieve your IT and business objectives while focusing on your business growth. Our Application Managed Services help you maintain your existing applications, repair the defects, and gradually make functional enhancements to improve your technology infrastructure's performance.


Uninterrupted Services


Reduced Cost of Operations


Grow Your Business


Visibility & Control of Applications


Our Application Managed Services offer maintaining the existing programs, repairing the application defects, and gradually developing minor modifications or functional enhancements. These services, as combined, are offered to enterprises to enhance their business goals.

Improve overall performance and efficiency in the delivery of Incident and Problem Management, application Enhancements and Service Requests.

Standardize processes to industry- standard norms and gain access to world- class capabilities, and/or means not readily available internally.

Reducing Client’s ADM costs and updating productivity gains regularly.

Regular tweaking and fixing of IT services.


Customer Services

With our efficient customer services, we deliver critical system performance and health indicators. We offer a wide range of functions that enable early detection of any harmful issues and allow system administrators to take appropriate preventive measures regularly.

Application monitoring

Abacus continues to monitor and ensure that the installed applications are performing accurately.

Event Monitoring

We monitor all the events during an improvement session in the IT infrastructure. The events are closely measured, identified, and rectified, mostly in real-time, to ensure your technology infrastructure's resilience and optimization.

Proactive alerts

Our systems check the threshold for installed applications to monitor and set up an alarm when the values indicate inconsistency and potential system failures.



Abacus takes the responsibility of day-to-day management of a wide range of aspects including platform, application, system, security, performance, availability, and capacity management.

Performance and optimization remain the core value. The engineering component is designed to assure and encompass the data security and compliance requirements.

Application Management

Abacus regularly manages application processes throughout their lifecycle. This ensures compliance with the industry best practices and keeping the system up-to-date.

Change Management

Abacus deploys the standardized methods and procedures for prompt management of changes in the system while it lowers the risk factors that may be associated with them.

Performance Management

Abacus measures the metrics to assess IT systems' performance and ensure that the services achieve optimum performance standards.

Incident Management

We manage the lifecycle of incidents, restore the incident classification if needed, and agree upon the services as per the restoration time if required.

Configuration Management

Our experts track and record all configuration items. This allows enterprises to effectively and efficiently manage their IT infrastructure.

Capacity Management

We ensure that adequate capacity is available at all times. This makes sure that the performance remains at agreed levels.

Release Management

We manage, plan and schedule rollout of IT services, upgrades and releases to the production environment. The integrity of the live environment is appropriately protected.

Application Security

We ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of our clients' data. The IT services follow the agreed SLAs and relevant requirements.

Business continuity planning and disaster recovery services

At Abacus, we design and implement a prevention and recovery system against potential threats and disasters. Abacus ensures that our clients are always ready to provide excellent services to their customers.



Beyond the availability of an all-round and all-time global support team, Abacus offers comprehensive processes for detecting and enhancing the performance that takes proper care of all incidents and service disruptions based strictly on agreed Service Levels.

SLA & Role Based Support Services

Abacus designs and provides the support services based on the agreed SLAs or role-based requirements.

Incident Reports

Abacus offers authorized and authentic reports covering items from the occurrence of the incidence to its resolution.

Response and Restoration Time Management

We make sure to agree and provide response and restoration times based on our clients' specific needs.


Environment Management

Hardware and Operating System Health Check

We provide periodic Hardware and Operating System (OS) health check services, optimizing the system's performance to its highest capacity.

Architecture and Design

We design the application architecture to address system’s current and future requirements.

Provision, Upgrading and Patches

As part of our managed services, we offer applications upgrade and patches.


Program Management

Service Request Management 

Abacus has qualified designed processes that ensure that service requests are received from the client without any possible loss of information.

Dedicated Program Managers  

Abacus provides a dedicated Program Manager to ensure account management quality and optimize services delivery to clients.

Service Review Meetings

The objective of service level review meetings is to keep the client updated regarding all delivered services. These meetings include progress on open incidents and brainstorming sessions to improve service delivery according to the client's requirements.

Comprehensive Status Reporting 

Abacus offers a wide-ranging Status reporting mechanism to safeguard the customers as up-to-date regarding the periodic reports and incidents. 

Application Management Process

We apply standardized processes to help manage information flow to and from our clients.


Program Governance

To ensure that services are appropriately delivered to our clients with the highest quality, we set up a Project Governance organization. This organization holds a steering committee consisting of various stakeholders from both sides. It depends on nominated POCs to ensure that the project remains on track and threats are thoroughly and regularly minimized.

Service Desk

The central point of contact for clients.

Incident Management

Restoration of services and minimizing the impact on business operations.

Problem Management

Minimize the impact of incidents by getting to the root cause.

Development Management

Maintain the alignment of what is to be developed in CRs and what is already available in the system.

Change Management

Standardized methods and procedures for effective management of changes to minimize the impact of change-related incidents and operational improvements.

Release Management

Effective management of software development, installation, and distribution of software products and services.

SLA Management

Measure and report the performance of SLAs.

Why Abacus

Abacus has reputable capabilities to deliver services throughout the globe, and its delivery centers are all over the planet. Our focus is to improve the quality of our services in every domain continuously.

Global Delivery Network

Delivery centers in multiple countries.

3000+ employees working in more 30 countries.

Holistic Services & Technologies

A full suite of application management service offerings.

Delivery Structure

We have the capacity and capabilities to provide the right resources at the right time.

Multiple business engagement models to suit your business needs.


A broad and deep proof of resources including technical, functional and industry Subject Matter Experts.

Methods & Tools

Services are provided using the most advanced and up to date methodologies to accelerate the pace of innovation.