At the beginning of 2020, e-commerce experienced a surge of growth like never before. Many businesses had to close down temporarily, not knowing when things would open again. During this time, businesses slumped in sales, leading many of them to look towards e-commerce. E-commerce has been a vital part of any business, but it soon became a matter of survival. Thriving in the e-commerce space has become more competitive and requires you to meet today's customers demanding expectations. To meet those expectations, e-commerce businesses must be on top of their game. They must make sure they avoid any errors in inventory and online stock levels, warehouse management, delivery, shipping and everything in-between. The most reliable way to do this is to allow your e-commerce and back-office systems to communicate with each other seamlessly through an integrated e-commerce and ERP system.

In this webinar, we collaborate with our partner, SAP, to discuss the current state of retail and the e-commerce space, where it's heading, how SAP and Abacus can help businesses become future-proof, and what SAP BusinessOne and Business ByDesign have to offer e-commerce businesses.

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