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Partnering with Abacus for SAP Ariba implementations allows midsize and large enterprises to modernize their procurement operations and assets, by automating and optimizing the entire source-to-pay lifecycle with strong analytics and spend management capabilities. SAP Ariba brings everything under one roof from planning to buying to payment, helping businesses to achieve strategic business priorities.


Take Control of Your Procurement

Don’t just manage – take control of your source-to-pay cycle with SAP Ariba, an integrated cloud-based procurement platform that will ensure your business is future-ready



SAP Ariba provides you with the optimal environment to source materials and agreements. Empower your sourcing with Ariba’s powerful tools to analyze your financials, tap into a powerful network of suppliers, verify supplier information and negotiate the right terms to assure the quality you’re striving for.

Ariba Sourcing Process


Streamline procurement through innovative collaboration. SAP Ariba’s innovative tools allow you to collaborate with suppliers at speed to drive additional savings. Evolve the procurement experience with guided buying for employees and suppliers.



Simplify payments and give suppliers more visibility with SAP Ariba to ensure business continuity and strengthen brand value. Improve your cash flow by automating accounts payable, invoice capture, 3-way-matching, and approval.

Source Better with
SAP Ariba Sourcing

By combining robust sourcing and negotiation technology with access to a global network of suppliers & unparalleled strategy and category expertise, SAP Ariba Sourcing empowers businesses by automating and streamlining critical tasks to drive fast and sustainable results across the entire sourcing lifecycle. Key features and benefits include:

  • Strategy development – Identify saving opportunities, assess the current market, and develop an informed sourcing strategy
  • Sourcing and negotiating – Identify and qualify suppliers with rich data, negotiate best-value deals, and standardize processes to manage knowledge
  • Ensure compliance with automated workflow and approval routing
  • Centralized Sourcing Library, different File format support, Event status checks, Automated reminders and Approval hierarchy for publishing RFPs or auction
ariba sourcing
ariba sourcing

Make the Right Choice with
SAP Ariba Supplier Management

How easy would selecting a supplier be if you had reliable, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on your suppliers? Well, SAP Ariba gives you all of that with their Supplier Management Portfolio, along with the ability to manage your source to pay cycle in one place! Click here to view the entire supplier management process flow. Ariba helps you choose the right supplier and reduce risk by:

  • Discovering your preferred supplier with the world's leading supplier record and portfolio
  • Confidently choose the right supplier using comprehensive supplier data
  • Intelligently manage your supplier lifecycle by having your entire procurement processes integrated all in one place

Say Goodbye to
Paper & Ink Contracts

With SAP Ariba Contracts Management, you can eliminate paper contracts and all the risks that come with them. SAP Ariba’s contract management software is easy to use and much more efficient than paper-based contracts. Click here to see the entire contract management process.

Streamline and automate your entire Contract lifecycle:

  • End-to-End Commerce

Tightly integrate your contracts and contracting process with SAP Ariba, your ERP, and any third-party applications — giving you unrivalled compliance and control.

  • Contract Control

If your pre-approved format or language has been changed, you’ll be alerted and able to track changes, giving you greater control over non-standard agreements

  • E-Signature Savings

Eliminate the time and expense of shipping and signing multiple contracts with SAP Ariba’s e-signature supported by DocuSign and Adobe Sign.

  • Complete Visibility

Stay informed thought-out the entire contract cycle with digital contracts, off-contract activity, automatic alerts, change tracking, powerful search features, handy dashboards and configurable reports.

ariba sourcing

See How Our Customers Are Succeeding


Simplify Contracting

Challenge: Jazz wanted to accelerate the onboarding and contracting of its customers.

Solution: SAP Ariba Contacts

Results: Abacus implemented SAP Ariba to simplify Jazz's onboarding and contracting process by letting go of paper contracts. Jazz can now manage all their contracts in one place with enhanced capabilities such as automated alerts, interactive dashboards, configurable reports, standardized contract templates, change tracking, e-signatures and more.


Source Better

Challenge: Afiniti wanted help shortening their sourcing process and discovering new suppliers to enhance their spending and increase their savings.

Solution: SAP Ariba Sourcing

Results: Abacus implemented SAP Ariba to give Afiniti the tools to find suitable suppliers with free business matchmaking and up-to-date supplier information. The cloud-based delivery system means faster ROI and low TCO. Afiniti can now monitor and intelligently manage its supplier performance to enhance spending and increase savings.

SAP Ariba Solutions


Commerce Automation

Optimize your ordering and e-invoicing process with Commerce Automation. Collaborate with your suppliers by monitoring and exchanging crucial information such as purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications, goods receipts, service entry sheets, invoices and credit memos, all on easily scalable EDI platform.

SAP Ariba Commerce Automation

ERP Integration

Abacus tightly integrates your SAP ERP with your Ariba Solutions, enabling a fast and simple way to connect your back-end systems with your entire source to pay cycle.


Digital Supplier Network

Collaborating with your suppliers should be as easy as viewing a message on your smartphone. The SAP Digital Supplier Network makes it easy for you to transact with your supplier by digitally connecting your ERP to your suppliers, eliminating the need for any error-prone manual processes.

Digital Supplier Network Benefits

Abacus: A Trusted Partner for SAP Ariba

Abacus Cambridge Partners is a renowned SAP Gold Partner and has successfully implemented SAP solutions to hundreds of customers around the globe. We bring deep expertise and insights ready to take your business to digital innovation.


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