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Customer Experience & CRM

Digital disruption forces companies to modify and optimise their business models to adapt new market realities. Remarkably, it is not the companies that are driving this change, but the change is driven by digital native customers. By delivering the right customer experiences, businesses can drive sustainable growth, customer loyalty, and profitability. Your customers, while can be satisfied with the quality that your products or services offer but overall engagement can still ruin it for them through the complicated sales process or poor service. This also creates an opportunity for you to find a way to effectively monitor and improve customer relations experience.

Thanks to the internet and always-online lives, businesses that can offer immediacy, personalisation, and accessibility to their customers will win out in the long run.

According to IDG, 44% of companies have already moved to a digital-first approach for customer experience.

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Management with Abacus

Digital technologies have undeniably transformed customer habits. Mobile apps, devices, machine learning, automation, chatbots, and much more allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at the moment they need it. Because of the opportunities that arise from using modern technology, customers often reward customer-centric companies more as they are willing to respond to the live feedback, negative and positive criticism, and are available on each customer journey touch points especially digital. Digital-first requires you to rethink how you interact with your customers. This creates a tremendous opportunity to gain insights directly. With Abacus, you are in safe hands to design and deliver a seamless experience to your customers across their journey.

The customer journey is no longer linear. Are you ready to deliver a seamless and connected customer experience?



Take your customer experience management to the next level with Antlere

Measure Customer Experience | Gain Actionable Segmented Insights | Engage Customers

According to research, 53% of patients want great customer service from healthcare provider. Nonetheless, many healthcare providers are struggling with patient experience. With Antlere, you can deliver a complete Patient and Employee engagement experience. Learn More >




Deliver End-to-End Integrated Personalised Customer Experience with SAP C/4 HANA

Digital ecosystems need to be agile and provide customer-centric experiences. SAP C 4/HANA platform enables organisations to deliver Personalised experiences in context, whether they are B2C or B2B. SAP C 4/HANA is a complete customer engagement and omnichannel e-commerce solution with fully-integrated tools and capacities and is available with cloud and on-premise deployment options.