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The journey to SAP® S/4HANA may appear unclear and overly complicated. Besides ensuring business continuity and cost optimization, the selection of relevant data to migrate and how to proceed with existing projects are significant concerns for businesses worldwide looking to transform. Up till now, there were only two approaches available for businesses commonly known as Greenfield (a new implementation) and Brownfield (transformation of existing systems). The new innovative BLUEFIELD™ flexibly combines the advantages of both approaches with a simplified path for the transformation projects, providing extraordinary speed and agility with minimum risks — all while ensuring business continuity.


Choose an accelerated transformation path with Abacus & SNP


Automated Assessment

Get a detailed view of your SAP landscape before you plan your move to the cloud, migrate to S/4 HANA, carve-out or merge with another business. With the automated assessment in advance, you can immediately analyze the impact of changes, thus optimizing your transformation project with a clear roadmap.


Convert to S/4 HANA

Using the BLUEFIELD™ approach, you can migrate to SAP S/4 HANA quickly and reliably — all in a single, go-live project. The unique approach reduces the migration time, minimizes downtime and reduces your footprint to lower license and maintenance costs.


Business Merger or Carve-Out

If you are merging a business into your main business or selling off part of your business, you can transform your SAP systems according to your business needs and on the day of your choice.


Move to Cloud

Easily move to cloud-based infrastructure and reduce costs by lowering your data footprint and utilizing Cloud consumption models.

SAP Modernization? Think Google Cloud

Fast-Track SAP S/4 HANA and Cloud Transformations With BLUEFIELD™

Watch this webcast and explore how SNP’s BLUEFIELD™ approach powered by CrystalBridge® simplifies and accelerates your move to SAP S/4 HANAwith near-zero downtime and with no business disruption.

Telenor: Innovating with APIs
Accelerate your move to SAP S/4 HANA with BLUEFIELD™

Different Transformation Challenges that we deal with

Business Structures are Complex

To provide comprehensive knowledge of the SAP landscape and custom codes, we focus on leveraging the CrystalBridge® data transformation platform.

Conversion Cost is usually high

With our effective approach, any enterprise can see an effective reduction in its cost and save time.

Migration is a year-long project

The bigger the data, the longer the migration takes. With CrystalBridge®, enterprises can handle the migration within five months, and you can achieve an SAP S/4HANA platform with the lowest downtime possible.

The roadmap is not clear

We enable you to easily see what other SAP products could fit into your new landscape and a clear roadmap for innovation.


Why the BLUEFIELD™ approach?


Convert at any point in time

No dependency on Fiscal Year-end.


Retain full or partial historical data

All operational data is available without the need for archive or reference systems.


Transformation without re-implementation

Take full advantage of S/4 HANA innovation whilst retaining existing key developments and IP.

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Rationalize and harmonize

Merge systems and harmonize process and data for operations and reporting.


Minimal disruption & dependency

minimize downtime at cut-over, less demand for User Acceptance Testing.

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