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SAP Predictive Analytics

In a world that is being reshaped by data, organisations are now turning to analytic solutions to predict future outcomes and in doing so are deriving maximum potential from their data.

Worldwide, organisations have invested in Big Data initiatives in order to capture, store, and manage all this data. They need a return on investment (ROI) from this mass of information by generating insights that bring value to their business. The answer lies in predictive analytics tools that use algorithms to find patterns in large volumes of data, thus enabling predictions to be made about the future.

SAP Predictive Analytics is an industry leading solution helping businesses to create, place, and maintain thousands of predictive models to anticipate future behaviour or outcome, more profitable decision-making across your organisation. It has the ability to pick the best predictive model based on a series of machine learning algorithms.

Abacus and SAP

Abacus is a renowned SAP Gold Partner and has successfully implemented solutions to hundreds of our customers from SAP S4 HANA to SAP Ariba and SAP B1. It is no surprise that businesses we work with have data modeling needs which SAP Predictive Analytics has successfully fulfilled. We choose SAP Predictive Analytics because it is fast and optimised to operate on large volume of data and allows our customers to build new predictive models within days, not weeks or months.


Why Choose Abacus?

We are Gold Partners of SAP and having deployed various SAP solutions at global locations, we bring deep expertise and insights ready to take your business to digital innovation. Here are some top reasons why you should choose us to work on your next Predictive Analytics solution for you.

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Skilled consultants provide various SAP consulting services to meet our customers’ industry specific needs

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We take a proven, agile and structured approach to minimise deployment costs and time

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The world of analytics is new to many, but not to us – Abacus was founded on the very principles of business intelligence and analytics. We understand the value of data

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We offer end-to-end solutions with deep integration expertise to enhance your SAP landscape

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We collaborate closely with your team so your input is incorporated at every stage

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We have solid experience in data management & governance in numerous industries

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