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SAP Modernization

SAP Modernization

We help our clients simplify their SAP transformation journey powered by Google Cloud. With innovative technologies and proven strategies, we modernize the core of an enterprise using the power of SAP S/4 HANA’s digital core managed on Google Cloud. With Abacus, an enterprise can unlock the full potential of the cloud to improve the business processes. Our experts are available to provide holistic guidance and support to enable cost-saving, flexible approaches, security, and in-depth analysis.


Why should you run SAP on Google Cloud?

Efficient Performance

Streamline internal processes and drive growth by reducing development times and significant reduction of system outages.

Cost-Effective and Agility

With SAP on Google Cloud, you can reduce infrastructure and operational costs by up to 50%.

Certified Hosting

Effective solution to provide SAP applications on a secure and fast cloud infrastructure.

Next-Gen Technology

Accelerate modernization with innovations such as Machine Learning, SAP Leonardo, and BigQuery.

Better Insights

Combine the power of Google Cloud's analytics with SAP S/4 HANA to accelerate innovation with augmented decision-making.

Quick Innovation

Fast-track your product innovation and deliver better customer experience leveraging the data-powered transformations.

Modernize and create new SAP apps with Apigee

Google Cloud’s Apigee opens new opportunities for SAP customers, using the existing SAP systems and data stores. It can help connect the data to the right customers at the time it is most needed. With the help of Apigee, better insights can be generated, which allows enterprises to improve sales and customer experience. With Apigee, SAP customers can expose their digital assets to third-party developers, enabling new business models.


Fast-Track SAP S/4 HANA and Cloud Transformations With BLUEFIELD™

SNP’s BLUEFIELD™ approach powered by CrystalBridge® simplifies and accelerates your move to SAP S/4 HANA with near-zero downtime and with no business disruption.

Telenor: Innovating with APIs
Accelerate your move to SAP S/4 HANA with BLUEFIELD™

How we help?


With experts at Abacus, enterprises can integrate their SAP strategy into a revenue-generating business agenda.


With our experts’ help, find the right roadmap for your SAP cloud migration and establish a vision for your business.


Cost-effective and riskless approach to migrate your SAP application to Google Cloud.

Optimize and Manage

We help you incorporate cloud governance, cost optimization, premium security tactics and proactive monitoring during and after your modernization program.


Abacus Advantage

Combining Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with SAP applications supercharge the platform's capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and agility. However, deploying SAP workloads on GCP is not easy and requires expert guidance. With Abacus, SAP customers can bring the best of both worlds and become a truly agile, innovative and modern enterprise. Abacus offers:

  • Intelligent tools, proven methods, and domain knowledge backed by a global SAP practice having a large pool of SAP experts working across 30 countries.
  • In-depth knowledge, the experience of implementing Google Cloud technologies across industries, and a large team of certified technical consultants.
  • An opportunity to engage talented resources from a global network of delivery centers.
  • Extensive experience of implementing SAP technologies including SAP S/4 HANA across the globe.