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SAP Analytics

In an accelerated digital age, your customers are calling the shots - so it's critical for organisations in consumer-facing sectors such as retail to keep up. Providing an easy and engaging customer experience and outstanding customer service means, quite simply, customers stay loyal.

At Abacus – SAP Gold Partner, we believe the role of analytics has been elevated to the centre stage. The winners in the modern digital world are those who can give all of their employees, partners, and customers immediate access to the most relevant information. But winning also requires more than answering tough questions, understanding the business at every turn, and seizing opportunities before your competitors do. It is also about creating value and ROI with every decision you make.

SAP Analytics - The Changing Face of Business Intelligence and Analytics

As AI and Big Data makes inroads in most organisations, the traditional approach to delivering Business Intelligence (BI) is being challenged. BI and analytics solutions are rapidly evolving with many organisations leveraging modern, agile platforms to derive business value. Our ability to reason, plan, predict and solve issues with deeper insights from increasingly diverse data sets is opening up a whole new world of opportunity as well as shaping new methods and approaches. Companies need to tap into actionable, real-time insights and support collaboration across their growing workforce to take on new product areas, geographies, and industries.


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