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The implementation will allow Five Tech to manage everything from their inventory to customers, vendors, financials and day to day operations, all in one place through SAP Business One Cloud


A world-recognised consulting, technology and outsourcing firm headquartered in the UK announces the implementation of SAP Business One cloud at Five Tech – a leading eCommerce business in the United Kingdom. The implementation will provide Five Tech with an ability to centralise the management and processing of orders, inventory, customer data and reports all through SAP Business One. Additionally, the integration of SAP Business One Cloud with Magento, the core e-commerce platform at Five Tech and the external eCommerce channels including Amazon and eBay, the client will be enabled to provide its customers, employees and vendors a secure and seamless experience across web and mobile, allowing maximum benefits to the customers across channels with optimised costs and efforts. With intelligent automation in place, the client will no longer be required to manually update their data across its internal and external systems, eliminating inefficiencies and errors.


As a major milestone of its digital transformation imperative, Five Tech will be able to scale up its e-commerce operations by integrating purchasing, inventory, sales and marketing, billing, product and vendor management and financial reporting processes on a single platform as well as gain insights into day to day business operations in real-time.


Building an intelligent e-commerce platform to diminish operational costs and increase productivity: The client is currently using Magento as its core e-commerce platform as well as external e-commerce channels such as Amazon and eBay. Beside integration to these channels, SAP Business One cloud will also be integrated with business applications of external courier vendors for better order management and improved customer experience. By integrating the channels with SAP Business One Cloud in real-time, the client’s back-office users will be able to track orders from warehouse to customer, with reduced involvement of human resources across the value chain, resulting in better productivity and optimised operational costs.


Better control of business: Through the integration, the client will be able to harness the real-time data to produce financial reports including P/L statement, cash flow, balance sheet and trial balance offering optimal clarity in financial information. Additionally, they will be able to get a unified view of their business by integrating financial data with sales, purchasing, inventory and operational information.


Optimised inventory management: To have an end to end integrated supply chain network, a bespoke mobile Warehouse Management System (WMS) will be developed and deployed using the best practices, ensuring an optimised inventory management.


Improved customer experience and analytics: By synchronizing inventory information through a mobile-based warehouse management add-on, the client will benefit from up-to-date information about product availability and pricing. Owing to connectivity with the external couriers’ business applications and systems, the customers can easily track their orders in real-time, eliminating the need to contact call centres for status updates. The integration will enable bidirectional information sharing between systems; sales, prices, inventory levels will remain in perfect sync.


SAP Business One integration with e-Commerce by Abacus is a perfect solution for small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses and the subsidiaries of large enterprises. The solution seamlessly connects all the processes and grows with your business needs. From order and customer synchronization to real-time pricing and stock levels and integrated order tracking — we have got you covered. Get in touch with our specialists today for a complimentary demo.