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Service Industry


Like any other industry, the service industry is impacted by digitalisation. Digital is a catalyst for the disruption that has in turn transformed companies and how their customers interact. Digitalisation allows services businesses to be more agile, people-centric, innovative, and efficient, equipping them with business models to deliver to the ever-changing demands of the clients, compete in a volatile environment and in building the right ecosystem. Through digital transformation organisations can simplify the complexities in their processes, become more flexible, scalable and quick to respond to new opportunities and challenges in achieving all this by lowering the operational costs.

Abacus Advantage

Abacus is your digital transformation partner in helping you achieve success by discovering new opportunities to engage with the stakeholders, use data to create responsive and engaging customers experience across all channels. Our team of experts can identify the tools required to empower your workforce, overcome limitations with data management and analytics, and move to new platforms and technologies. Our deep industry knowledge and experience assist clients with focused strategies to build an agile ecosystem and provide solutions that make them more responsive to customer needs and improve operations. Our team of professionals will provide you with the insights, guidance and help you transform in to the next generation enterprise.



Real Estate

  • At Abacus, we help real estate businesses with our in-depth expertise to streamline operations, create value and drive operational excellence and growth and boost employee productivity.

Engineering, Construction and Operations (ECO)

  • Abacus, provides you with an array of solutions and services that enable ECO businesses to deliver end-to-end services to their customers.
  • Pre-construction Operations and Services
  • Project Delivery
  • Asset Management


  • Abacus can help in developing strategies to improve performances, operating efficiencies, cost reductions, growth and organisational effectiveness.


  • Abacus assists healthcare providers become highly efficient, deliver value for patients, save and improve lives, by employing innovative technologies, bringing down the cost and simplifying the complexities.

Professional Services

  • Abacus can help professional services to innovate to achieve profitability and agility, operate smarter, and improve services.

Seven key business drivers for building a MEDA

As we examine the new normal for a data architecture, it makes sense to consider the following business drivers

1. Supporting the democratisation of data which requires data sharing, quality, security and governance

2. Enabling the "hyper-connected" enterprise within and beyond your organisation

3. Supporting a move to self-service and the Citizen X (integrator, data scientist, etc.)

4. Moving from historical reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics

5. Enabling a greater responsiveness to the line of business (LOB) users

6. Future-proofing for new data sources and downstream applications and use cases achieving the elusive enterprise digital transformation

Easing the pain of big data: The Modern Enterprise Data Architecture (MEDA), The enterprise journey to the cloud


Explore these solutions to help manage service industry business.