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Enterprises today are increasingly embracing digital ecosystems as part of their business strategy. The need to differentiate innovatively, while remaining compliant with data protection and security regulations, requires businesses to manage the identities of “things” as well as “people”, the ways they interact with each other and the ways they create and share information across apps, services, and ecosystems.

Enable end-to-end Identity and Access Management

For Your End Consumers (CIAM)

Enable secure, personalised and omnichannel customer experience with a powerful Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM).

For Your Business Customers

Increase your customer trust on you with identity integration, seamless Single Sign-on (SSO), and reliable authentication with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and Anomaly Detection. 

For Your Employees

Improve collaboration, efficiency and productivity across your organisation through consolidated identity.

Identity and Access Management: Do Digital Right

with an astonishing adoption of mobility, cloud and hyper-connected nature of businesses, safeguarding digital identities has become foundational for enterprises. Thus a robust approach for developing the right IAM framework for your digital business is critical.

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Our Services

Our broad IAM expertise and industry knowledge enable us to deliver next-gen services to our clients that protect their business, allowing them to become a more agile, scalable, and customer-centric enterprise.


Get a comprehensive review of your identity requirements and gain insights for setting up of revolutionary IAM models.


Our seasoned IAM consultants help you design your IAM capabilities, policies and controls that are suitable for your business needs.


Implement the best IAM technologies with our team’s experience in design, development and deployment.

Our Capabilities

Abacus Identity and Access Management capabilities include:

Consolidated Digital Identity

We implement tools and technologies that help you deliver consolidated identity of your customers, partners, and employees, enabling secure, uninterrupted and scalable operations. 

Connected Digital Experiences

Deliver frictionless experiences to your business users across apps, services, and processes through Single Sign On (SSO), adaptive Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and  Progressive profiling. 

Secure Operations and Resilience

Detect anomalies, understand threats and accelerate response to data breaches and ensure reliable and resilient business operations. 

Consent Management

Enable reliable consent management across your business operations to mitigate risks of non-compliance.

APIs Authentication and Authorisation

Authenticate and authorise access to APIs across your digital ecosystem.

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