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Application Development

Today users are always on the go and looking for faster, better, and easy to use apps. Businesses are expected to address the dramatically changing requirements of customers. We, at Abacus, understand these challenges and opportunities.

Leveraging DevOps methodology, we move faster to deliver highly customised agile products that improve business value for our customers. Our services span across mobile, web, and cloud providing businesses with extra mileage to reach wider audiences across different touch points.

What we offer

Enterprise Applications

Whether you are looking to improve your existing applications, or need to build a powerful new solution from scratch, we have the expertise to meet your needs. We provide end-to-end services for critical applications demanding high-availability and better performance. Abacus has years of experience in building complex, enterprise-level applications with service quality unmatched in the region.

Our Enterprise Application Services provide full lifecycle support of enterprise software applications to improve visibility, flexibility, reliability and allow management of real-time information across the enterprise.

Product & MVP Development

In a fast-pacing world of technology around us, companies are looking for low-risk, product-market-fit solutions which are quick to build and cover users’ needs at a scale. Abacus has been using modern methodologies of Agile development, DevOps and MVP Development for many years and our teams have worked with several organisations to help build software prototyping, minimum viable product development, and proof of concept. This approach ensures avoiding common pitfalls and defines whether the product is fit for the desired market or not.

For start-ups looking to fund-raising or just bootstrapping, MVP development with software or mobile app prototyping help them stand from the ground up in less time, effort, money and show traction to the potential investors. Even when they are not looking to fund-raising, MVP Development ensures the strategic agility and course-correction in a market fast evolving.

Mobile Applications Development

We aim to provide our clients with the best tools and frameworks available in the market, so their business growth is enhanced through our partnership. This allows us offering award-winning mobile app development services with the best value for:

  • High quality applications for a wide array of niche
  • Attracting a larger user base and increasing business impact
  • High standard functionality and features
  • Enhancing visual appeal and rich user interface
  • Cross platform development for mobile apps
  • Variety of app choices from native, web and hybrid
  • Complete operating system support

Cloud Native Application Development Services

We offer the methods and practices needed to successfully develop cloud-native applications. We can help you jumpstart cloud-native applications development with our lean startup services, or initiate a full-scale development in the cloud.

Abacus delivers the capability, scalability, and speed to drive business agility and digitisation by developing feature-rich business applications. Our offerings integrate trained engineering, unique tools, special accelerators, best practices and optimum methods to address your business and technology challenges. Explore flexible options for quick wins, proofs-of-concept (POC) and end-to-end application lifecycle services that transform your application development practices from your current state model to efficient and agile development in the cloud.

UI & UX Services

Abacus has always strived to create beautiful digital products which are engineered and designed to drive growth for the world’s leading brands and startups. Digital disruptors are revolutionising not just through their technology and ideas but also through great user experience design which reduces friction, addresses user’s frustrations and creates digital experiences which delight and excite them every single day.

Countless studies with our experience suggest that investing in User Experience Design from the get-go to the finished product and post-launch brings more dividends with happier customers which ultimately translate to business goals such as reducing costs, repeat customers, great service and loyalty without spending too much on advertising.

How we do it

Customer-Centric Approach

Companies who want to lead and win the digital future are the ones obsessed with customer-centricity, and this approach of putting the customer right in the centre is delivering true business value. Abacus helps companies find and focus on this great hallmark of our services through user experience research, design thinking, and analytics which guide the journey.

Efficient & Result-Oriented

Our engineering focuses on agile methodologies, and our obsession with design thinking allows us to create delightful outcomes for your users and end-customers. We have abilities to co-innovate with our customers while delivering the efficiency of our creative processes and insight-seeking behaviour.

Accessibility & Accessibility

We conform, comply, and try to exceed expectations and guidelines set forth in the best practices of Usability and Accessibility such as Web Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), US Section 508 and core principles of great usability. From delivering cross-platform, cross-device digital experiences which work seamlessly to ensure functionality and form both are fully tested and go through iterative approach constantly throughout the development cycle.

 What’s next

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