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API Management & Microservices

API Management & Microservices

A well-designed API strategy with a right partner and a platform is the cornerstone to succeed in the digital economy. Whether you are starting on a small project, aiming for a more extensive deployment or already have a digital platform, Apigee by Google Cloud provides a strong foundation for your digital future.

Using Apigee's API Management platform, you can securely publish APIs, create business mesh-ups, connect to multiple internal systems, and transition from SOA to API-centric architecture.

How we can help

Design APIs

Easily customize and edit API using various codes. It always helps to configure the API policies as per the needs visually. Apart from it, transform to any protocol you want.

Secure APIs

With Systematic techniques, you can protect your APIs from OWASP threats. Using the standard governance policies and best practices along with 0Auth 2.0, two-way TLS and encryption, your APIs will be completely protected.

Publish APIs

With the help of systemized 3-step publishing solution, configure your content and add access controls to your portal.

APIs Insights

Take a brief look at the traffic spikes, live API calls and traffic data to get real-time insights. Also, analyze the associated revenue metrics to get the best ROI.

Keep an eye on APIs

Monitor the APIs 24*7 to ensure zero downtime to provide a seamless experience to the customers and application developers. Also, cut down on the MTTD (mean time to diagnosis) by thorough issue investigation.

Monetize APIs

Generate new business models, scale API initiatives, and develop new revenue streams with out-of-the-box monetization.

Developer Portal

Get a separate portal to publish the APIs, where the developers can edit, test and explore the APIs faster than ever before.

Innovate with Microservices

Get the best tools to manage Microservices as APIs with Apigee Edge securely.

Become a Truly Digital Business with APIs and Microservices

Transform your IT and build apps for the future

Deliver consistency between on-premise and cloud environments while accelerating application development through transformational technologies like service mesh, containers, and micro-services.

Promote innovation both internally and externally

Engage internal and external developer communities to deliver innovative products and solutions at a faster rate.

Grow an ecosystem of partners and customers

With APIs and Microservices, you can share data securely and seamlessly between different apps and systems.

API Economy

In today's digital disruption reality, enterprises are looking at creating a platform that thrives across ecosystems. As the enterprises are evolving, APIs have elevated from a development to a business model driver to a boardroom consideration. APIs are indeed considered the building foundation of the digital economy. Next-gen API infrastructure is the need of the hour for many enterprises as it delivers both now and the future. Every enterprise wants to add-on extra digital value to their assets. And this is possible with the help of an API-first approach with Abacus.

API Maturity and Governance

API Governance is an essential requirement for any forward-looking enterprise. Abacus offers a proven, multi-dimensional API Governance and Maturity model with a focus on design, architecture, and security features to properly establish the governance. The model also supercharges the capabilities of API Management platforms such as DevOps and Developer Engagement.

Drive Digital Transformation with Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management

To adapt to new realities, enterprises must rethink their strategies and infrastructure — and all of this with incredible speed and minimum disruption. Apigee Hybrid with Abacus is an advanced deployment option that offers an enterprise-grade API management gateway aligned with your hybrid/multi-cloud strategy, allowing you to choose where you want to host your API traffic — on-premise, Google Cloud, or hybrid.

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Modernize Your Apps On-Premise and in the Cloud with Anthos

Modernize your enterprise applications with Anthos, giving you a centralized platform across all your deployments. With Anthos, you can reduce your time to modernize and enable core capabilities to develop secure, reliable, and containerized applications.

Enterprises worldwide are now progressing more towards 'Future' Systems', where digital decoupling is an essential step. The process involves using advanced technologies, data-access methods and development methodologies to create new systems that execute above the legacy systems. By customizing through successful decoupling of infrastructure, services and teams, the need for manual coordination minimizes. The coordination reduces cost and complexity and significantly accelerates developer velocity and business productivity.

Why Anthos?

Build Once, Run Anywhere

Anthos allows enterprises to build applications once and run their workloads on any cloud: GCP, AWS, Azure or on-premise, maintaining the operational consistency while managing the complete distributed environment through a centralized dashboard. Anthos leverages containers and Kubernetes to empower enterprises to quickly and easily modernize existing apps. With a centralized platform deploying security policies and configurations, it becomes easier to manage and monitor apps across multiple infrastructures.

Migrate and Modernize Together

Our team of Anthos experts specializes in complex enterprise modernization and migration scenarios. We simplify your move from on-prem data centers or other cloud platforms seamlessly on Google Kubernetes Engine. We have deep expertise in software and hardware requirements for successful Anthos deployments that allow you to complete migration and modernization together.

Automate and Improve Security

With Anthos, you can automate your day-to-day platform management with the help of latest cloud-native technologies from Google Cloud — eliminating the need for rewrite codes and manual processes. Leveraging Anthos Config Management, we help you create configurations and customization across your landscape and constantly monitor the cluster state. With out-of-the-box security and compliance capabilities, Anthos reduces security vulnerabilities while meeting your enterprise's compliance and governance requirements.

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