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The High Cost of Disconnected Data

In today’s digital age, data is the organisation’s lifeblood. Whether onboarding new employees, acquiring new customers, or closing the books every month, data keeps everything running smoothly. It enables organisations to innovate, make smart and timely decisions, and maintain a quality level of customer service. Many of us are data workers, reliant on information and data in various guises in order to complete day to day tasks, often without really giving it a second thought. For many, benefitting from this data is easier said than done, as disconnected data is blighting businesses around the world. Our partner SnapLogic has recently commissioned a survey of IT leaders and business users across the US and UK with independent market research company Vanson Bourne to determine the impact of disconnected data, how prevalent it is, what’s causing it, and the problems it’s posing to businesses. Download the report to learn more.

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