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Consumer behaviors are evolving fast and to keep up, you need to deliver highly interactive and connected experiences across your touchpoints — online, in-store, and anywhere in between. Abacus allows you to differentiate your shopping experience, harness the power of data, consolidate and optimize your operations, and drive customer loyalty all while improving profitability.

Drive Digital Transformation with Smart Retail Solutions

Combining the power of SAP Business One, a world-renowned ERP solution, and iVend Retail, a leader in enterprise retail management solutions, Abacus provides end-to-end integrated omnichannel retail management solutions, covering everything from digital commerce, to POS to back office and head office operations — ranging from a single outlet to multi-geography store setup. The tightly integrated solution, paired with Abacus’s proven project implementation methodologies and strong industry experience allows you to create powerful experiences across traditional and emerging channels with complete control over your entire retail operations.

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“We can see a considerable improvement in our service levels, inventory visibility, and overall customer satisfaction.”

Haytham Ibrahim

CIO and Operations Manager

Deliver Modern Retail with a Complete Retail Management Solution

For retailers to stay relevant in the new normal, it requires frictionless engagement across all channels and customer touchpoints. SAP Business One integration with iVend Retail delivers a complete omnichannel retail management solution to intelligently manage all aspects of your retail business including day-to-day operations, digital channels, back-office, and head-office.

  • iVend Point of Sale (POS)
  • iVend Mobile POS (mPOS)
  • iVend Loyalty
  • iVend Reporting & Analytics
  • iVend Passes
  • iVend Digital Commerce

iVend Point of Sale (POS)

Available on terminals and mobile devices, iVend POS provides centralized management of critical information related to inventory, customer profiles, and configuration such as discounts, pricing, promotions, returns, and layaways. iVend POS focuses on delivering enterprise-level retail experiences by collating all your business, customer, and transactional data into a single cloud-based replication dashboard. Gain clear visibility, control, and new insights to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

iVend Mobile POS (mPOS)

Empower your staff’s efficiency by equipping them with a powerful Point of Service application. mPOS is a scalable application that provides essential information such as product details, reviews, payments, customer data, inventory management and is available on iOS and Android handheld devices. With a simple process, you can add new users and additional mobile devices to your POS cloud account, helping you manage customer expectations during holiday or sales seasons with faster transactions.

iVend Loyalty

iVend Loyalty helps you design a simple or complex loyalty program across your channels helping you generate business and repeat sales. With customer-centric loyalty programs, you can retain and appreciate your existing customers, grow your business, and harness data to design powerful customer retention and loyalty strategies. You can offer your customers personalized incentives through digital coupons, rewards programs, and automated notifications.

iVend Reporting & Analytics

Get your data to work for you. iVend reporting & analytics give you the business intelligence and insights that you need, to make data-driven decisions; that lead to higher profitability. Get a 360-degree view of your business on any iOS or Android mobile device to stay connected on the go.

iVend Passes

Show you value your customers through customized loyalty cards. Loyalty cards allow your loyal customers to save up points for rewards and avail discounts, coupons, gift cards, and rewards at any POS. iVend Passes are completely integrable with your ERP or any other business applications, helping you to keep your data up to date across all your systems.

iVend Digital Commerce

Connect your iVend retail solution with Magento to power your eCommerce operations. iVend Digital Commerce is designed to significantly speed up your sales online and reach new customers.


iVend for SAP Business One

“iVend Retail integrates to SAP Business One seamlessly to deliver end-to-end retail management for complete control and visibility over enterprise operations.”

Unlock Retail Growth with Fully Connected Stores

Transforming your retail business on Cloud

SaaS Solution

iVend retail is a highly scalable cloud solution that offers a low total cost of ownership (TCO) and makes it easy to use, deploy, and maintain as business needs expand

Optimized for Omnichannel

Deliver exceptional customer experiences with modules for POS, mPOS, Digital Commerce, Digital Passes, Customer Loyalty, Reporting & Analytics, and Inventory Management.

Seamless Integrations

iVend integrates seamlessly into all major SAP ERP solutions, including SAP Business One, SAP IS-Retail, SAP ECC, and S/4HANA

Suitable for Every Retail Vertical

Flexible enough to support the unique requirements of each specialty retail vertical, including apparel and fashion, with dedicated retail management solutions for the hospitality and optical industry.


iVend Retail: Enterprise Retail on Cloud

“In today’s fast-moving digital world things can quickly become obsolete. To stay ahead of the competition and continually engage shoppers, retailers must remain agile and quickly innovate.”

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