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One of the largest Middle-Eastern retailers modernize customer experience with Abacus

Abacus delivers inspiration and joy with every customer interaction, enabling the retailer to take the customer experience to a whole new level with APIs and Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM).

Our client wanted to deliver a personalized and frictionless experience to its customers by creating a centralized application that rewards and connects all its users with over 50 top of the line retailer’s brands while benefiting from the external ecosystem. The application also offers AI assistance to enhance and quicken customer service. With Abacus, the retailer would not only benefit its customers but also get a 360-degree view of its digital assets through APIs, monetize data by offering it as a service, and optimize operations to build an agile and innovation-driven enterprise.

Challenges at a Glance

The retailer's main challenge was to offer its customers a consistently rewarding experience to improve brand loyalty. Using multiple different business apps to manage their technology infrastructure; our client felt a lack of connectivity between other business units resulting in an inconsistent customer experience. Secondly, the retailer could not take advantage of their data, causing them to miss opportunities to reward its customers and chances to monetize the data.

Delightful Experiences that Customers Love — Online, In-store, and Anywhere in Between

The goal was to differentiate themselves in the marketplace by consistently delivering unforgettable experiences beyond just the sales of products and services while making it simpler and faster for customers to access these experiences. With a well-defined API strategy implemented by Abacus, the retailer now offers a set of endpoints, built from microservices and exposed as APIs, that allow the retailer to securely expose its digital assets to partners in internal and external ecosystems. At the same time being connected with their existing business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Additionally, by integrating a single customer identity using Auth0's CIAM, the retailer can now capture customer's behavior across channels, comprehend their journeys, and provide frictionless and secure authentication every time — increasing revenue and customer loyalty.

Create and Monetize New Products and Services with APIs

The initiative has played a crucial role in enabling the retailer to connect with external developers, partners, and third parties by exposing its digital assets securely. The monetization feature has allowed the largest retailer in the region to reach beyond their current business models, scale API programs, and offer APIs as packaged products. The out-of-the-box API monetization feature is highly flexible and easy to use offering API traffic management, security and analytics. The monetization feature has provided the retailer with different API consumption and pricing models based on their business needs and trends.

Speeding up Innovation

Even with its newly defined API program and fine-tuned pricing plans, our client needed a way to attract external developers to try these customized packages, without the hassle that can sometimes come with getting started. To cater to these requirements, Abacus designed and deployed a user-friendly developer portal for the retailer. Before the portal, developers who wanted to consume retailers' APIs needed to reach out to their teams and to go through a very manual and time-consuming onboarding process. Now through a self-service portal, APIs consumption has become seamless, secure, and convenient. With highly customizable Apigee Edge developer portal, internal and external developers can sign up quickly, learn about available APIs, test them out and consume them conveniently.

SAP Modernization

Making Analytics a Competitive Advantage

The built-in analytics provide a clear view of how APIs are being used so that the client can continue to optimize performance. The dashboard shows a complete picture of traffic on the portal, the most popular APIs, and several other custom metrics. The client can now gain real-time visibility into their APIs, which is playing a fundamental role to mature the API program.

Experience-driven Secure Customer Journey

Using Auth0’s CIAM, the client is individualizing experience with a secure, centralized customer profile, enabling behavior-based identity and access controls across channels and related brands. The retailer is now able to win the customer’s trust by ensuring them that their data is secure at every step of the journey.

Scaling up for the Future

Our client now delivers a personalized omnichannel customer experience with frictionless connectivity between its internal and external ecosystems. Additionally, they are creating value and generating new revenue streams through APIs packaged as products, allowing them to focus on the customers rather than the complex legacy technology infrastructure. With powerful CIAM in place, the retailers act on a 360-degree understanding of their wants, needs and desires; allowing them to deliver secure data-driven interactions.

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One of the largest Middle-eastern retailers modernize customer experience with Abacus