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The global pandemic caused seismic shifts in the world. Businesses were forced to rapidly deploy new ways of working, ensuring business continuity all while managing the widening adoption of digital channels by customers. Those who didn't adjust to the new realities were left behind. And those who invested in personalized experiences with meaningful connections can see the value of it today. The good news is that the implementation of exceptional experiences should not cause anxiety anymore.

Abacus, a leading technology firm, and Vonage, a global cloud communications leader, bring together capabilities and services enabling enterprises to create powerful and modern experiences. Our cloud-based intelligent solutions, powered by unified platforms and AI, allow seamless collaboration between your employees and customers. The results? Hyper-personalized and memorable experiences across every touchpoint and interaction—enriching the customer journey and helping employees to be more satisfied with their jobs.

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Abacus & Vonage Strategic Partnership:
Power and Sophistication at Scale

Vonage helps growing startups and agile enterprises enhance customer experience and realise new business outcomes at scale. Combining Vonage capabilities with the unmatched experience and insights garnered over the years by Abacus, we help businesses of all sizes across various industrial sectors deliver extraordinary experiences across their business functions, including sales, marketing, and services. Our expertise enables us to deliver a faster and more accurate project to every client we engage with. We work closely with our clients throughout their journey with the right approach, use case discovery, architecture, design, build, testing, and production—all managed by our experienced resources. Our proven project management approaches allow a seamless implementation, avoiding risks and common pitfalls.

SAP Modernization

SAP Modernization

In an age where customer experience has become a critical success factor, being equipped with the right tools to engage with our customers meaningfully is not just important, but essential for customer satisfaction, retention, and, ultimately, business growth. The Abacus-Vonage partnership is a powerful combination bringing in a leading customer engagement platform to complement the Abacus expertise. We are incredibly excited to work together and help our client create meaningful customer journeys.
Aly Kuly Khan - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Abacus Cambridge Partners

SAP Modernization

SAP Modernization

SAP Modernization

Abacus brings experience and insights across industrial sectors with great understanding of clients’ expectations delivering top-class project management and engagement. We are pleased to partner with Abacus and look forward to creating seamless customer journeys together!
Guillaume Calot - Global Vice President, API Partners

SAP Modernization


Driving Digital Transformation with End-to-End Cloud Communication Platforms

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Communication APIs: Transform experiences with programmable messaging, voice, video, and more

Vonage's communications APIs help build omnichannel conversations that enhance the customer experience through voice, video, chat, and AI. In addition, Vonage caters to customer-facing businesses by building unique solutions to delight customers and the team at scale. As a result, you can create the right tools to keep customers connected, protected, and engaged. 

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Unified Communications: Flexible multi-channel communication and collaboration for employees

Vonage's unified communications platform is an all-in-one application that allows you to communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere. It's the world's most flexible cloud communication platform that enables organizations to call, message, or set up meetings on the go with up to 100 participants. Along with all the necessary features, Vonage tightly integrates your existing solutions such as Microsoft Teams or your CRM in the platform giving organizations seamless connectivity and fluid business continuity.   

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Contact Centers: Make every conversation memorable

Vonage's contact centre (VCC) software enhances the customer experience and the selling and service experience by tightly integrating with your CRM and other existing systems such as Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. In addition, Vonage's platform allows your agents to quickly develop lasting customer relationships through their conversation analyzer, which automatically reviews calls and highlights trends, sentiments, compliance, and other customer insights.


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