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SAP Modernization and Migration with the Abacus Ecosystem

We understand with unprecedented changes occurring at a blistering pace in this economic climate, it can be difficult to plan for the future especially if you’re looking to modernize your SAP landscape. Abacus and its ecosystem of partners have created the most powerful SAP Modernization and Migration strategy available. We have successfully transformed many businesses like yours, are trusted and award-winning partners of SAP and Google Cloud, and excel at guiding you through this process. Abacus understands the intricate details of both SAP and GCP, which allows an extremely efficient and smooth implementation and migration experiences. We partner with SUSE and SNP, proven leaders in their fields, and their combined skills ensure that your transformation is robust and successful. Abacus is here to turn a necessary investment into a transformative opportunity for your business, with which you can gain the following benefits:

  • Unlock SAP data free with Google Cloud’s Apigee
  • Near-zero downtime for SAP and cloud migrations
  • Security, high availability, and latency
  • Access to cutting-edge AI-based technologies
  • Open up endless opportunities to innovate

This whitepaper outlines how Abacus and its partners, Google Cloud, SUSE, and SNP, offer a simplified path to SAP modernization and migration. You will be able to explore:

  • Who this initiative is for
  • Why transformation is better soon than later
  • What you should look for in a modernization & migration implementation partner



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