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Digital Contact Centres

Abacus delivers innovation to enhance customer engagement through digitisation. We offer intelligence based digital engagement solutions and services to our customers that allow them to serve their end- customers across channels with cost efficiency and scalability, ultimately keeping them ahead of the curve.

With digital in our DNA, we help our contact centre customers to truly transform into intelligent engagement centres to improve customer experiences, agent responsiveness, and our customers’ confidence in our services.

What makes us distinct?
Harnessing the power of data with AI

Abacus is moving beyond traditional KPIs – in the age of digital disruption with invaluable customer data – contact centres need to figure out how to leverage contextual information to deliver personalised, convenient resolutions. We have developed an in-depth understanding of how, why, and when customers engage with contact centres with their queries – using AI for directing and resolving simple queries on live chats, emails, and outbound. Through advanced analytics, we allow our customers to adapt to the changing needs of their digital natives end-customers.

Offshore Delivery Centres

Abacus, with headquarters in the United Kingdom and strong foot-print in MENA and the United States, has its off-shore delivery centres in Pakistan, Philippines, and Egypt. Our purpose-built delivery centres have a large pool of English and Arabic speaking workforce. These strategically located delivery centres allow us to serve our customers across the globe by reducing the cost and driving tangible business outcomes.

Automating Contact Centre Processes; Serving Humans with Technology

With digital, Abacus brings the best of both worlds to our customers. Abacus has designed a hybrid customer service centre, where the digital workforce goes hand in hand with the human workforce with great ease and confidence. Anytime we automate a process, we also allow agents to spend more time helping customers, and less time performing manual tasks.

Continuous Innovation with Cost Optimization

At Abacus, we believe and have witnessed that if the digital transformation done rightly, can yield enough cost savings, that the initiative becomes a self-funding mechanism for the organisations. With this belief, we help our customers to identify and implement the right automation solution at their contact centres thus enabling dramatic improvements in customer engagement and contact centre agent processes.

See how your contact centre can benefit from our RPA services.

Key Benefits of Digitalization

Better Customer Engagement

Through automation, we allow our contact centre customers to delegate mundane and uncreative tasks to bots. By doing so, CSRs have more time to engage with customers on queries that require more human-centric approach to solve complex issues. Faster and better customer services in return ensure better customer satisfaction and retention.

Lower Cost of Operations

Through digitalisation, you can maintain a balance of human and digital workforce at your contact centres. By deploying automation, you can avoid the need for hiring additional CSRs for the short-term and seasonal increase in call volumes.

Error-free Processing

Automating manual data entry and navigation between systems allows CSRs to offer accurate and timely resolution to the customer queries.