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Business Process Outsourcing



There is no alternative to the human experience. Putting our heart behind each digital interaction, we provide Human touch with AI – delivering exceptional customer experience. Upholding firm controls and empowering people to deliver operational excellence. It falls to the “People” within the organization to execute all strategies.



We have developed an in-depth understanding of who, how, why, and when customers engage with contact centers with their queries – using AI resolving simple queries on live chats, emails and outbound. Our clients have transformed into more agile, efficient and competitive versions of themselves, end-to-end.



Grow your productivity without growing costs. Talk to us and find out, how our capabilities can transform your choices with an inexpensive approach to human intelligence, harnessed with new tech that works right each time.


Customers for life

At Abacus we create moments of focus and distinctive ability for human agents to approach customers with emotional intelligence that generates customer loyalty and trustworthiness in our services – making each interaction, a personalized impression.