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Why Abacus is the place for you!

Be the agent of change, create an empowered future for yourself and
help billions be part of the revolution.

Reach your

Join our team and benefit from the knowledge of our professional and experienced staff and management and change your life for good. Abacus provides you with a great working and learning environment that will help you make proactive and insightful moves. At Abacus, we challenge you to push the limits and prepare you for the tough challenges of tomorrow. If you want to stand out and make your mark – join the team, work with visionary leadership, distinguished engineers and IT architects.

Be a Part of the

At Abacus, we encourage entrepreneurial mindset and foster an environment where our people empower themselves. We provide you the freedom, encouragement, confidence to take the lead and make a positive change. We encourage our people to be innovative, be creative and take calculated-risks. Do you have the mind-set and the enthusiasm to embrace this culture?

A World of

Awake the explorer in you and be prepared to travel around the world. Abacus gives you the opportunity to widen your horizon by travelling the world for work experience. With offices in the UK, USA, KSA and UAE we give you an opportunity of a lifetime to work with people from around the world, sharing their vision, culture and insights, making you more tolerant and aware. You will learn to solve complex problems and provide innovative strategies to digitally transform businesses by combining your combined intelligence and expertise.

Work with the Tech
Disruptors and Leaders

Abacus provides you a chance to work with the technology disruptors and leaders from around the world. We take pride in working with the leaders of innovation and transformation and believe that it provides a great foundation for the young and talented professionals. We work with the best and in order to deliver top notch services to our clientele we hire the best.


To grow as a professional, you always need someone to look up to for guidance, inspiration and leadership. Our team leaders and higher management, act as role models for you to take strength and motivation from. They are also the thought leaders who provide a direction for you to follow. By working closely together, you can learn from the experience and knowledge of your superiors. Learning is not a one-way process; our leadership also learns from the valuable insights and findings of our people. It creates a holistic environment for learning the art of leadership.

Equal opportunity

An organisation is as good as its people. Like all progressive organisations we value equal opportunity employment. We are of the firm belief that cast, creed, sect, gender, religion and physical disparities do not hamper the professional skills and abilities of an individual. We work as a family and each member has its own role to play no matter what the gender or social stereotype. The success of our organisation is due to a robust and vibrant human resource that is always ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

See What Our Employees Have To Say

What we value

At Abacus, we believe that business transformation can only be truly achieved through people. And so, we are determined to bring together people who share the values we believe are essential in all change agents. We are guided by a mission and set of values:

To be Accountable

We are accountable for delivering on promises we make to our clients, our people, our partners, and our community every single time. We value the ability of our staff and organization to honor our commitments, to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and take full responsibility in delivering on commitments to become a trustworthy partner.

To be Open

We encourage a culture of openness where we share ideas and information within our people and with our clients and partners clearly and accurately. Sharing point of views, listening and be able to discuss different standpoints in a positive spirit with each other helps us learn and constantly improve.

To be Team Players

We work together to foster inclusivity, affinity in our teams and leverage their individual strengths. We believe diversity makes us better and stronger and together we can focus on group success. We are friends with the people we work with. We look to bridge differences where we see them.

To be Courteous

We foster an environment of respect and courtesy. We treat all our stakeholders and the people in the community with respect. We cultivate positivity and empathy amongst our people. We are willing to go the extra mile. We do not let adversity affect our courteous demeanor.

To be Bold

We seize opportunities where we find them. We relish the competition and always aim to win. We speak our minds, confront challenges with courage, and we do not procrastinate.

To be Curious

We are passionate about increasing our knowledge and ability – both individually and collectively. We believe that our knowledge and ability will ultimately distinguish us from the rest. We welcome new opportunities to learn, and we do not claim to be free of imperfection.

Career Opportunities

Experience Required: 1-2 years

Education: Minimum BSCS or specialization in Web Development


Experience Required: 1-2 years

Education: Minimum BBA or specialization in Talent Acquisition

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