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Key Benefits:

The implementation:

  • Is helping Telenor Pakistan growing an ecosystem of partners and customers that can help the company innovate at a faster rate
  • Is enabling Telenor Pakistan to expose its data and platform capabilities to the ecosystem and develop new revenue channels.
  • Manages the developer traffic and provide real-time insights for better decision-making
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“We appreciate our partnership with Abacus. Over a long period, we have been able to develop a strong commitment and passion for transforming the ecosystem and co-create value that is unique to the market.” Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan


The telecommunication industry is changing rapidly in the digital age. Customers require an immediate response to their queries with seamless connectivity between apps, channels, and services. As one of the largest telecom operators in the region, Telenor Pakistan decided to serve their over 45 million customers leveraging API economy.


Today APIs have become a cornerstone of their digital strategy.


“We believe this whole transformation around APIs and creating a frictionless environment will help us to deliver value to our customers.” Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan.


Launching Telenor’s Self-service Developer Portal Powered by Apigee

Telenor needed a platform that offers API management and access control of data flow to and fro the systems. Additionally, they required a well-suited API management platform to deploy new functionality quicker and enable them to monetise API transactions. Based on several evaluations, Telenor chose Apigee to fulfil their requirements at the group level. Telenor Pakistan implemented Apigee in collaboration with Abacus.


A New Set of customers

For the telcos, the customers are no longer the ones who use their essential services such as calls and text messages. In the digital era, telecoms are increasing their focus on ecosystem development to co-create services with fintechs, third-party developers and other organisations by exposing their core services via APIs.


“Before the launch of the portal, the developer community could not connect with large Telcos like us. Just by the launch of the developer portal, we have been able to grasp many partnerships with the developer communities within Pakistan, and now we’re also looking forward to partnerships beyond Pakistan.” Aamir Aftab - Head of Digital and IT Development, Telenor Pakistan.


The Way Forward:

Going forward, Telenor Pakistan sees its roles as an enabler to offer a platform to various sectors to innovate with new services and features that will help these partners to grow in their digital journey and remain competitive. They expect significant growth in their business as more business partners around the globe will consume their APIs.


“We have a vision in Telenor that by 2020, we want to expose 80% of our core capabilities as a service. The API management Platform will certainly enable us to achieve this vision” Aamir Aftab - Head of Digital and IT Development, Telenor Pakistan.


About Telenor
Innovating with APIs


About Telenor Pakistan

Telenor Pakistan is 100% owned by the Telenor Group, an international provider of high-quality voice, data, content, and communication services in 13 markets across Europe and Asia. Telenor Group is among the largest mobile operators in the world with 180 million mobile subscriptions and a workforce of approximately 33,000.