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Many enterprises do not take full advantage of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) because they often confuse it with traditional Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM), which focuses on challenges related to regulations and compliance. CIAM, on the other hand, is an essential component of digital transformation, which sits at the intersection of security, customer experience (CX) and analytics. CIAM affects several enterprise stakeholders, including Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers and other profit centers.

Providing a frictionless, simplified way for customers to login is vital for driving conversions and building customer loyalty. Safeguarding sensitive data from bad actors and taking steps to prevent data breaches is central to a sound security policy. Having a single source of truth for your customer data is essential to understanding your customers and delivering them the services they need and when they need it.

Join us and the experts in our insightful web-series that informs you on how you can craft your strategy for agile, intelligent, and automated CIAM. Implement practical steps that you can rely on to enable rapid digital transformation which will drive your brand loyalty, bolster customer trust and boost your efforts to increase revenue.


Our Speakers


Haider Imran
Technical Presales Manager


Tobias Urban
Partner Solution Engineer EMEA

Webinar Session #1:
  • Simplify Customer Acquisition & Retention with CIAM
  • On Demand

Simplify Customer Acquisition & Retention with CIAM

Registration is that pivotal point when an unknown customer becomes a known customer, but it is only a barrier if not done right. Filling out lengthy forms or asking for too much information could cause a customer to hesitate or provide incorrect or incomplete information. Progressive profiling and integrating social logins streamline the customer acquisition process and increase conversion rates. With the right CIAM in place, enterprises can drive revenue and increase upsell by offering customers customized offerings. To deliver personalized customer experiences; Auth0’s CIAM provides a centralized view of your customer identity, powerful search to qualify leads and user analytics to drive business growth based on actionable intelligence.

Webinar Session #2:
  • Rethink Retail with CIAM
  • When:
    clock March 16, 2021
    calendar 15:00 GST & 10:00 EST

Rethink Retail with CIAM

Customer expectations are evolving. Understanding the customer journey completely while delivering frictionless authentication drives improved brand loyalty and revenue. When the right Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform is implemented, retailers can optimize operational, organizational processes, and marketing programs to delight customers with personalized experiences at every touchpoint from product discovery to purchase and beyond. Learn how to create consistent and highly personalized interactions, both online and offline - through a single view of your customer.

Webinar Session #3:
  • Deliver an Identity-driven Healthcare Infrastructure
  • When:
    clock April 15, 2021
    calendar 15:00 GST & 10:00 EST

Deliver an Identity-driven Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare is being disrupted by the entry of non-traditional players that are offering more user-friendly and cost-efficient ways to deliver healthcare. Innovation with reliable data security is the only way to succeed in today’s market. Learn how to provide individualized patient-centred care and experiences based on secure patient portals, touchpoints alignment, records access, and device data.

Webinar Session #4:
  • CIAM: The Build vs. Buy Dilemma
  • When:
    clock May 20, 2021
    calendar 15:00 GST & 10:00 EST

CIAM: The Build vs Buy Dilemma

Managing a modern-day identity is a challenging task. Keeping up with evolving standards, best practices, and continuously patching security bugs takes time and money away from the core business. Should you buy identity management or build it? Join us and learn about modern identity and whether your current solution is stifling growth.


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