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Streamline your back-end operations

Streamline your back-end  operations


Why Back Office Support?

Why Back Office Support?



Why would you want to spend your money on something that could be done at a lower cost? We all know how resources are limited, which is why by outsourcing tasks you can getthings done at rates that are well within your budget.

Quality Services

By being the best at what we do, we ensure that quality is never compromised. We understand how crucial every process is for your success and so we strive to deliver services that are nothing but flawless.


Access to Technology

Outsourcing allows you to access the latest technology in the field. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to purchase equipment you can rest assured that your outsourcing partner will take care of everything for you.

Time Effective

Get the benefit of focusing your inner efforts on tasks that your staff has been trained to perform. This will save you time, providing you with greater flexibility in resource management& letting you make informed decisions.


Outperform your competitors


Data management

Efficient data management is the need of the hour for many businesses. Abacus supports you with the high quality customised data management services covering your various business needs.

Fraud prevention

Companies have often witnessed an increase in revenue after outsourcing their fraudprevention. Abacus fraud prevention solutions ensure that revenues grow and costs shrink so you don’t get sleepless nights.


The excess time you spend on forecasting will sap resources away from value-added tasks. Leave it to the experts to give you forecasts based on the right data, free of human error that are adjusted to the changing business needs.

Outperform your competitors


Gear up for success

Gear up for success

We are Capable

With our team of seasoned professionals, we ensure you get nothing but the best. Our experience in the outsourcing industry puts us one step ahead of the rest.

We are Unparalleled

We aspire to become one of the most competent outsourcing partners in the industry. We help you place the pieces together with an agile team, the latest infrastructure and the right mindset.


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