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About Us

Who we are

Abacus Cambridge Partners (“Abacus”), is a company galvanised by the global economic transformation being propelled by the fourth industrial revolution. At Abacus, we believe that forces of change are increasing exponentially and that enterprises need to act smarter, more decisively, and faster to keep up with this change and capture the opportunities that present themselves at any given time. With this inspiration, we partner with our customers, technology leaders, talent and innovate together to unlock new possibilities. Leveraging expertise across diversified industries and all business functions, we help our customers to accelerate business transformation by converting ideas into innovative, secure, and scalable business solutions.


To be the transformation partner of choice globally for clients determined to succeed in a rapidly changing world, so that together we create the future of business.


In 2017, Abacus Cambridge Partners entered into a membership agreement and thus became a member firm of Abacus Consulting. Established in 1987 in Pakistan, is the leading management consulting, information technology and outsourcing firm with over 2500 staff members working from more than six offices in Pakistan. Being a member firm of Abacus Consulting gives us powerful leverage upon their talent base, deep knowledge, and experience accumulated over 32+ years of industry leadership. The membership further provides Abacus Cambridge Partners access to world-class talent at the very economical costs and thus enables us to offer Pakistan as a sound offshore delivery location to our customers.

Abacus Cambridge Partners
Abacus Cambridge Partners
Dream. Innovate. Deliver. Your Transformation Partner.

What we value

At Abacus, we believe that business transformation can only be truly achieved through people. And so, we are determined to bring together people who share the values we believe are essential in all change agents. We are guided by a mission and set of values:

To be Accountable

We are accountable for delivering on promises we make to our clients, our people, our partners, and our community every single time. We value the ability of our staff and organisation to honour our commitments, to clients and to each other. We take ownership of our work and take full responsibility in delivering on commitments to become a trustworthy partner.

To be Open

We encourage a culture of openness where we share ideas and information within our people and with our clients and partners clearly and accurately. Sharing point of views, listening and be able to discuss different standpoints in a positive spirit with each other helps us learn and constantly improve.

To be Team Players

We work together to foster inclusiveness, affinity in our teams and leverage their individual strengths. We believe diversity makes us better and stronger and together we can focus on group success. We are friends with the people we work with. We look to bridge differences where we see them.

To be Courteous

We foster an environment of respect and courtesy. We treat equally all our stakeholders and the people in the community. We cultivate positivity and empathy amongst our people. We are willing to go the extra mile. We do not let adversity affect our courteous demeanour.

To be Bold

We seize opportunities where we find them. We relish the competition and always aim to win. We speak our minds, confront challenges with courage, and we do not procrastinate.

To be Curious

We are passionate about increasing our knowledge and ability – both individually and collectively. We believe that our knowledge and ability will ultimately distinguish us from the rest. We welcome new opportunities to learn, and we do not claim to be free of imperfection.

Our Strategic Alliances

Strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of our strategy. Through partnering with technology leaders and innovators, we gain access to business knowledge and technology which fuels our very ability to be a transformation partner to our clients.

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You have seen who we are. Get a glimpse into how we got there.

Abacus Cambridge Partners was established in London on March 2017. Within its first year of operations Abacus established its presence in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) region through offices in Dubai and Riyadh. In 2017, Abacus established Antlere Limited — a London-based software company focused on transforming customer experience management in the digital economy.

In a span of just over two years, Abacus has grown leaps and bounds and the momentum continues. Headquartered in London, today we are serving hundreds of customers across the globe with strong presence in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Egypt and Pakistan.


Worldwide locations


Our Leaders

Enabling Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is driving the changes we see in the world around us, and that is why it has become a priority for many organisations. At Abacus, we understand that organisations are facing multi-faceted pressure to digitalise from the customers and their competitors and for an enterprise to transform successfully we at Abacus believe that digital transformation requires business leaders to rethink existing business models and orchestrating people, technology, processes and data to create value.

In our experience, the most successful digital transformation initiatives have been powered by one (or more) of three principal business goals: Producing an unrivalled customer experience, finding new revenue streams or optimising business operations.

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional experience to both internal and external customers using intelligent platforms and business applications.

New Revenue Streams

Remain competitive in the gig economy by generating new revenue streams successfully using technologies and products based on Artificial Intelligence.

Optimised Operations

Innovation is no longer a choice but the lifeblood of businesses. Drive business efficiencies with technology that supports cost optimisation, security, and flexibility.

We mapped the priorities and needs of our customers and addressed
them by creating four core solution areas that help them to transform in
to a truly digital enterprise

Enterprise Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Data and Analytics

Cloud Computing